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    2012 Ford Focus – Blurring small car expectations

    Bokeh is a photographic term originating from Japan, which means “blur quality.” A picture of a sharp subject with a blurred background is just such an example. It is a technique photographers use to make their subject stand out from the rest of the photograph. Perhaps Ford should have considered “Bokeh” as a potential name for the 2012 Ford Focus because for such a sharp looking car, it certainly blurs the perception of what a small car represents.

    The 2012 Focus proves that fuel economy and fun are not mutually exclusive. It also proves that an affordable car need not be devoid of features and amenities. From its bold, sporty exterior design to its tenacious grip and respectable acceleration it defies conventional econobox expectations.
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    As they increase their domination of the manufacturing sector, the Chinese will soon be making cars for the American market. While their arrival into the U.S. Market is inevitable, the question is whether they will be able to improve their quality enough to the demands of mature auto markets.

    For the past few years Chinese car companies have hawked their wares at various American auto shows. One such company, Build Your Dreams Automotive, displayed their current offerings at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. If their showpieces are any indication of current Chinese automotive capabilities, established auto manufacturers have little to worry about except trademark and patent infringements.

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    Getting back into a Mustang!

    X2 - they are very nice cars and I'd love to have one. Kids are getting older and I'm trying to get my wife to get one as her next car.

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    Cobra Jet

    Getting back into a Mustang!


    The S550 is all around night and day difference compared to any previous Mustang.

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    Getting back into a Mustang!

    The wife has been pestering me for another sporty convertible since I sold my '04 Cobra. I found a nice '15 GT Premium with the 5.0/Auto combo, 20"

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