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  1. I blame Obama!
  2. Nations Gather Plans to Establish No-Fly Zone Over Libya
  3. Libyan Forces Defy Cease-Fire, Engage in Battle for Rebel Stronghold
  4. Why is gas going up?
  5. A Quote...
  6. Ford is actually staying in business, so UAW wants to bankrupt them like GM
  7. Chavez stole my idea!!!
  8. Well don’t british look classy today
  9. So what now?
  10. Its Cute
  11. oRly???
  12. Are you ******* kidding me?
  13. More fail from Maryland
  14. Billions in Welfare nets you what?
  15. Tsa
  16. Why is this News?
  17. The Biggest problem with Obama
  18. Explaining the Deficit with Jack Daniels
  19. California mandates gay history be taught in public schools
  20. Oil..... Yeah, we should be exporting it..
  21. Teacher speaks out against the pension cuts.
  22. The BP/Deepwater Horizon story.
  23. Westboro baptist church runs into the wrong county
  24. Gas prices
  25. Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume.
  26. Tea Party idiots (yes, most of you), read this:
  27. Newsbusted
  28. Two coffees in Heaven.....
  29. So do you Obama supporters really think the guy isn't a communist??
  30. It's a sad day for Obama
  31. ...and W. was the idiot?
  32. Exo Told You So
  33. gasoline taxes vs exxon profit per gallon o' gas
  34. Oil Company has no qualms with the increase in barrel prices.
  35. Thank you Mr Trump for a big win for the tea party.
  36. Obama vs. Boeing
  37. Are liberals really thick headed or blind? seriously..
  38. this is interesting... Firefighter union pulls funds..
  39. More fun for Means...
  40. I lol'd
  41. Bin Laden Killed?
  42. Fox News Freudian Slip
  43. Bin Laden pictures
  44. I hope she runs for president
  45. Nancy flips and spins....
  46. Interesting read...
  47. Tax cars by miles driven?!?!
  48. This woman tells it like it is..
  49. LMAO!!! Obama: we have the finest military in the world.
  50. I think everyone in Al Quaida might be mentally retarded..
  51. So can someone break this excerpt down in layman's terms for me please?
  52. Got a Fat Kid? Pay More Taxes!!!
  53. With Gas Prices Soaring, Obama Looks to Ramp Up U.S. Oil Production
  54. You either have to be braindead or have some big balls to make a statement like this.
  55. Morning Bell: The Truth Behind Oil Subsidies
  56. Any Indiana peeps in here
  57. lol Palin #2 is considering running for President....
  58. Can someone justify this?
  59. An informational look at 2 years of change
  60. Hail the Bush-Obama doctrine
  61. Left Wing: Keepin' it classy.
  62. Obama will win 2012 election
  63. Dave Ramsey on the National Debt
  64. Drug testing for Welfare Applicants.
  65. Some typical scenarios from atlas shrugged are becoming more and more real
  66. Raising the US debt limit.....
  67. A great way to settle our political delimma
  68. Fannie Mae and Democrats....
  69. Stealing the 2012 elections
  70. For the morbidly curious
  71. Why aren't you speaking english
  72. the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, George Will's take on it
  73. Obama to announce afghanistan draw down, ignoring advice of his generals
  74. President Barack Obama’s administration is quietly offering a quasi-amnesty
  75. Illinois about to be only state to ban concealed weapons
  76. God Bless Texas
  77. New law allows gun ranges in Chicago, under certain conditions
  78. Gov. Perry blatantly violates First Amendment
  79. We spent millions for THIS?
  80. And we spent billions on THIS...
  81. 31 Foregone Facts Barack Obama Fans Should Ponder
  82. Striking a pose.....
  83. Glenn Beck says Norwegian victims' camp sounds like "Hitler Youth"
  84. Judge tosses suit against Perry and Prayer
  85. police beat homeless CA man to death
  86. CDL to be required to drive a tractor on the farm?
  87. Jobs numbers are in.. HAHA!
  88. The S&P Downgraded our credit rating.
  89. Happy Birthday Department of Energy
  90. Flatulent Barney lets fly.....
  91. the execution of SEAL TEAM 6, looks like it's not just me.
  92. Why does the media never mention Ron Paul?
  93. How do I know the hampsters were ok?
  94. So the prez of S&P is resigning... being replaced by Citibank coo.. hmmm...
  95. You'd think these guys would have better things to do
  96. Obama honored with face on currency....
  97. It would seem donating to the dems serves as protection money
  98. Ronald Reagan
  99. Funny political ad
  100. Animal hole/den
  101. Rick Perry
  102. OMG!!! Omama reads Christian Scripture!!!!!! AAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  103. Post Office woes
  104. The Republican Candidates
  105. The Racist Roots of Gun Control
  106. AttackWatch?
  107. This is a pretty resounding endorsement
  108. Any lip readers in here
  109. Federal Government Banning 100 Watt Bulbs
  110. Don't ask/don't tell gone.
  111. Anybody Know why the Candidates Thread was Closed
  112. Ron Paul's Comment about 9/11
  113. Inequality: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
  114. Chris Christie
  115. So once again, I'm a raaacccccist.
  116. AP Republican Straw Poll
  117. Skin color
  118. Look, immigration laws can work.
  119. So the next time Obama blames Bush for the economy... Email him this.
  120. Should debt collectors be allowed to call cell phones?
  121. Prohibition: Part 2
  122. Bush bad, but it's okay for Obama...
  123. Sharia Law
  124. Ron Paul's New Commercial
  125. This is getting comical, talk about reaching to claim racism, against a black dude.
  126. Jesse Jackson is out of his ****ing mind
  127. Free Bumper Stickers! (This Ones for YOU Means)
  128. Something smells fishy about this deal with the OWS park and government loans.
  129. Is anyone really surprised?
  130. DIAPER act..... H.R. 3134
  131. Sweet idea to balance the budget.
  132. Corzine.....
  133. Greece
  134. "Global currancy"
  135. Ron Paul's New Campaign Slogan
  136. Grand Wizard......
  137. Liar, liar, pants on fire....
  138. UHHHHH OH!!!!! CBS is realizing Ron Paul exists.....
  139. Still a fan of big investment banks?
  140. Newt On Occupy Wall Street.
  141. Obama's New Tax Break for Companies Hiring Veterans
  142. Barney Fwank retires....
  143. The new Chain mail... (Obama vs Spent Brass)
  144. Are we asleep at the ****ing wheel or something?
  145. Fast and Furious gets swept under the rug....
  146. Al Quida Kidnaps 70 Year old..
  147. Adam Carolla unleashes on the Occutards... NSFW
  148. Cain is out.
  149. NAACP runs crying to the UN.....
  150. Union gives $100 million to team Obama.
  151. Obama says our economy has never worked in our country, ever
  152. Sears might leave Illinois
  153. Iran claims ...
  154. Senate passes NDAA, tramples Constitution
  155. Today's from the internetz find...
  156. The more I listen to him...
  157. Kim Jong Dead??!?!?!
  158. Anyone have an extra 4 million they can spare?
  159. Obama's Propaganda Machine
  160. It's offical, Jimmy Carter has completly fallen off his rocker...
  161. Adam Carolla on OWS.
  162. Feds say SC's attempt to make voters show ID makes it too hard for minorities to vote
  163. Our education system needs fixing, we could start by getting rid of unions and
  164. Atlas Shrugged: Part 1
  165. Our last 12 presidents in uniform
  166. Iowa Results
  167. What if...
  168. Federal court blocks Oklahoma ban on Sharia law
  169. I don't think our government is supposed to work this way
  170. Judge Napolitano Endorses Paul on Jon Stewart
  171. Obama wants power to shrink government in election year
  172. Anybody in Newark
  173. Politicians propose reasonable profits board, hopefully this won't get traction
  174. State of the Union: Familiar Rhetoric
  175. A Moon Base!
  176. CA mandating what the public buys???
  177. If Israel agrees with Ron Paul about his Israeli policy.....
  178. The numbers.
  179. Seriously?
  180. CNN reporting Israel to attack Iran
  181. California is full of anti-Americans and should be nuked until it slides into the oce
  182. kali Not the ONLY State That Sucks
  183. Ron Paul's foreign policy is better than anyone's because...
  184. Arizona bill takes aim at airbrushed women in ads
  185. Obama Photo Making the Rounds
  186. I lost track
  187. Obama apologizes to Karzai over Bagram Koran burnings
  188. 3 GOP candidates' plans would increase debt
  189. Experts: Killing a newborn, same as abortion
  190. Racist? Texas high school apologizes for fans' 'USA!' chant after basketball game
  191. Interesting case being made....
  192. According to our attorney genera,l showing ID to vote is discriminatory
  193. Obama signs anti-protest law
  194. Hutzpa
  195. So Karzai wants us out early.
  196. Who Are YOU Voting For?
  197. First
  198. NSA Chief denies Total Information Awareness spying on Americans
  199. Interesting Stuff, Huh?
  200. Court to Obama
  201. Taxpayer Receipt? WTF is this nonsense...
  202. Santorum drops out
  203. Does anyone else feel like Mitt Romney is John Kerry 2.0?
  204. Dont disagree with Enviro-Nuts
  205. Negotiations?
  206. Since DC can't get their savings in order...
  207. Newt quits!!
  208. Ron Paul wins
  209. GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits
  210. Romeny is just a total moron at this point.
  211. Whoops.... Better erase that reference!
  212. hahaha
  213. Illegals get money from IRS
  214. Spiking the football?
  215. Yet another Ten Commandments monument on government property...
  216. Another politician gets exposed for blatantly lying about their past
  217. American Community Survey, more stuff about the census and their nosy BS.
  218. msnbc wow
  219. Big Brother is listening.....
  220. Um, excuse me Yahoo?
  221. Core of Patriot Act Was Drafted in 1995…
  222. A word from our President
  223. More class and tolerance from the left after the Wisconsin recall election
  224. How many government agencies have SWAT Teams
  225. Is Obama disenfranchising supporters?
  226. Discuss today's annoucement about illegal immigrants...
  227. MSNBC edits tape of Romney speech to make him look out of touch
  228. Holder being held in contempt of congress (this is unbelievably shady)
  229. More Than Half a Trillion Dollars Spent on Welfare – But Poverty Levels Unaffected
  230. What's Russia up to?
  231. More union idiocy
  232. Fortune investigation reveals that the ATF never intentionally allowed gunwalking
  233. Supreme Court rules in Favor of Obamacare
  234. Fortune Magazine Tries to Tell The "Truth"...Fails Miserably
  235. Campaign promises
  236. I'm somewhat surrpised.....Romney gets a standing O at NAACP speech
  237. Was he or wasnt he in charge of Bain..
  238. “Green” Energy Bias Is Killing California
  239. Sheriff Joe: "It's a fake"
  240. You didn't build that, someone else did???
  241. If you build it...
  242. The Book of Barack
  243. Iran
  244. President Obama stops Iran from using atomic bomb
  245. Loughner to plead guilty in Giffords shooting, source says
  246. Russians not shaking hands with Obama?
  247. Fraud....
  248. Obama's lead grows as Romney's support slips
  249. Do we have a tax problem, or spending problem in the US?
  250. Obama is getting some more voters lined up