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  1. programming - jan 2015


    skill: 6x5 (each leg) back rack lunges, ascending.
    metcon: 800m row, 10 minutes of Cindy, 800m row.

    L: out - errands
    D: pork loin chops, green beans, salad

    6jan 2015

    skill: 5x3 DL, ascending
    metcon: 21-15-9 thruster (75), DL (135), burpee

    L: leftover pork chops, baby carrots
    D: turkey burgers, mashed sweet potatoes, salad


    skill: "bro" 5x5 ...
  2. Public service announcement to all on hydrocodone products and tramadol

    Plans for new vaults already under way. Over a month of planning/design
  3. Founding Members and other updates

    Well I opened up the system to allow registrations and everyone who signs up before 4/1/11 will get the title of "Founding Member." The entire idea was to load test the system and make sure that the registration process was working.

    Unfortunately switching everyone's account to "Founding Member" is a manual effort. So hopefully people will be patient as I switch them over one by one.

    I have also begun to install a few new features like the Garage feature ...
  4. Beta

    I have turned things on so that people can start registering. This will hopefully highlight any bugs in the system with regards to the registration process.

    I added a couple of new forums and hopefully people will get a some use out of them. I have more content that I'm working on, but with getting everything handled around here it has been difficult to work on it as much as I'd like.

    But here's hoping that people will spread the word.
  5. Tweaks

    I made a few tweaks to the system and overcame a limitation I was having with regards to attaching photos to articles. The default limit was 5 images. I am now going to finish putting together my first article.

    So far the editor seems pretty good. I just hope I've made the right decision with this CMS. I have approached someone about providing content and hopefully we can work out a deal. This will help me tremendously. I have a few other things to do like get incorporation done, ...
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