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  1. Up and running!

    I finally got everything up and running. Apparently a series of files that I had been uploading from my computer had hidden characters that the system did not like. When I recreated everything on the actual server itself everything worked just fine.

    I am still playing around with some of the settings and will be tweaking a few things. I put up my first test article and have found the limit of pictures that can be attached to be somewhat low for what I prefer to have.

  2. Starting fresh....

    Think of this post like an intellectual property time capsule. Years from now I'll look back think, "Hey it all started here."

    Well I have spent hours over the past couple of days trying to get the messaging forums and content management system up and running. I am in the process of trying to get the CMS working on the root of the site's URL. Once I manage that I'll be able to start working on content and the new site design.

    Our new logo was done by Steve ...
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