Christopher Ihara

Founding Members and other updates

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Well I opened up the system to allow registrations and everyone who signs up before 4/1/11 will get the title of "Founding Member." The entire idea was to load test the system and make sure that the registration process was working.

Unfortunately switching everyone's account to "Founding Member" is a manual effort. So hopefully people will be patient as I switch them over one by one.

I have also begun to install a few new features like the Garage feature as well as iTrader rating system. I also included the software that will automatically embed YouTube and other videos inside of posts. I really need to get on the ball about having the site's look updated. I'll make that my mission this week.
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  1. Shortzy's Avatar
    Awesome, Chris. Thank you for all your hard work!!
  2. kansaschance's Avatar
    looking forward to seeing this site grow!
  3. Ray III's Avatar
    I think it looks awesome as is
  4. Mike_302's Avatar
  5. ARCANGL's Avatar
    preciate it Chris
  6. Jay87lx's Avatar
    Thanks for the work on this site Chris
  7. apollo12's Avatar
    Thanks Chris!