In the last month the two largest firearm stores in my area have shuttered their doors.

Central Wisconsin Firearms: the nicer mom and pop type shop that used to carry a lot of inventory and was the only Class III for more than 100 miles closed the end of April. I could tell somwthing was up when I went in there the last few times and there was next to nothing in the shop. Made me kinda annoyed that they closed. Not exactly sure why it was quick, I knew the demand all but dried up but still seemed sudden and rather unexpected.

Gander Mountain: yeah no surprise there. Having worked for the company for years long ago I am surprised they made it this long. The store up here is actually pretty nice and the rumor is that it will become a Camping World, I like that idea, a lot. :-) The prices for the going out of business sale still suck.

Walmart: they still sell them at the one up here but it is a greatly reduced inventory.

They just built a Dicks a few months back and they are already scaling back the inventory in all the sections there.

It really just only leaves Dunhams, Mills and a small shop I kinda don't trust, he has jumped store fronts a few times. Oh and the newest place with the indoor ranges, very mice place just buku bucks. It the shop thag still has my latest edition waiting for me to start the paperwork. Even the primarilary archery stores are closing up. Kinda weird but also not I guess.