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Thread: Home audio system speaker selection - need advice

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    Home audio system speaker selection - need advice

    I know this may be like asking what the best oil is ... everyone has an opinion and nobody is really wrong but here goes.

    I bought new furniture for the living room and put the pieces in a new layout so my existing tower speakers that sat in the corners no longer have a home. I'm forced to put them next to my entertainment center so they look out of place and of course are too close together to sound great. I use this system for tv/movies and for music. My power source is an older Sony a/v receiver that still works fine. I'm not interested in replacing it now. If there were magic speakers that were small, like a foot wide and no more than 24" high that had good sound, including good bass, I would consider just putting replacing the existing speakers and call it a day because it is easy but I might not be completely satisfied with the results. I'm thinking a better option would be to hang some speakers in the corners of the room on either side of the tv. I would need fairly small speakers and I have a great location for a subwoofer in a corner.

    The big question is what speakers would I hang in the corner of the room that would sound complete with the addition of a sub?

    Secondary question is what sub.

    A third question would be thoughts on rear speakers for this system. I currently have some bookshelf speakers hung back there in the corners but except for a rare DVD I really don't think I hear anything from them.

    This is what I'm looking at, but I haven't done much research.

    Corner speakers. I don't think they are intended to be hung and might not look that great. (They would look like my rear speakers)

    Sub. I like the wireless setup but not an absolute. I've run stereo cable all over the place in this room so one more run isn't that big of a deal.

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    I would consider the TL350 plus a powered sub of your choice

    The rears, I usually have the gains turned way up to hear anything out of them...that gives the best experience for me. Some like less some like more...I am in the more category. I also like bassy explosions that you can feel, so I might have the gains up a bit on that too...depending on the sub though.

    All I can say for sure, is to listen to them. Find something that your ears like and that is in your budget.
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    I am currently refurbishing a set of Infinity Kappa II bookshelf speakers for this exact purpose. I have all the foam to replace the surrounds which have badly deteriorated, but just haven't done it yet (you really need to power the voicecoil to center it before setting the new surrounds).

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    I like the smallness of the Bose stuff but it is mostly junk now. There has to be something better than a bookshelf speaker to hang in the corners. With my Sony a/v receiver nothing is going to sound wonderful, but I want reasonably good. My old JVC receiver and Infinity speakers sounded great but I didn't have the desire to fix the foams. The JVC ended up in the shop.

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    You should look at PSB for high value speakers.

    PSB Alpha B1 Bookshelf Speakers and PSB Sub Series 100 5 1/4 inch Compact Powered Subwoofer

    Hanging the speakers will take away some of the ability to reproduce better low to mid range sound. Some companies have wall mount brackets though.

    Lots of good speakers in the sub $300 a pair range out there these days. Warfdale has some in that range as well.

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    I did a lot of research when finishing the basement for the media/theater room. I ended up going with the Pioneer Andrew Jones setup minus the sub as most regarded the sub the weakest link in the setup. I found a Klipsch 12in powered sub on sale last black friday and am using that. So far I am really happy with the setup and looking to get the two bookshelf with atmos tops in the lineup to have a match 7.1.4 atmos setup.

    I think if I was to step up I would go with the ELAC debut series that Andrew Jones is now running.

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    Ever consider building your own?

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