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Thread: ...and now to get screwed by work.

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    ...and now to get screwed by work.

    I am part time and we do have full time servers. Going back like 3 years, I would work about 12-14 shifts a month. Maybe 9 if I took a week off, maybe 16 if someone else took a week off and gave me 3 shifts. Well about 18 months ago a full timer got fired for drug use, so that frees up 5 shifts to be split among the part timers. Then another full timer just quit. Then one went out on "medical leave" but to be honest, she's 76 and just can't do the job. So we're at 15 extra shifts a week. Then a part time transferred elsewhere, and another was in a serious car accident back in February. Consider them both 2 shifts a week and the grand total is 19 extra shifts a week. As you can image, this ramped up my amount of shifts until I was working about 24 days a month this May and June. Two part timers transferred over about 6-8 months ago. Then two full timers transferred to our location in the last 2 months. Then two more part timers. So that's 18...and today starts another full timer. The job "rec" wasn't suppose to be open, per our area manager. The new girl isn't needed. I'm working 2 days a week as of now. The union can't do anything about it. Our area manager can, but as of now, seems to refuse to do anything. He can send her back for absolutely any reason within 45 days. He said he can't, and the union quickly called his BS and said yes he can. He says he wouldn't feel right doing so.

    As of now, the prayer is she sucks and fails her assessment, or simply doesn't like our restaurant and asks to go back, which she can do within 45 days. She's hated by every single part timer already, and we don't know her. It's not personal, it's financial.
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    Man that sucks. I didn't know you guys were Union.

    Goodluck but I wonder why they are wanting to add another person? OT hitting them hard?

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    Sorry man, hope it gets better for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellbound911 View Post
    Goodluck but I wonder why they are wanting to add another person? OT hitting them hard?
    I'll try to keep this short. LOL

    We had a meeting with about 5 part time servers, a shop steward, our union rep, 1 of 4 of our managers, our area manager, the scheduler, and our area manager's boss of sorts.

    There's a new "matrix" being used for the scheduler. The days I was hired for are blue, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have opened my availability to 7 days a week. The other days become green. Weekly, my AM(area manager) gets a copy of the new upcoming schedule and it shows "how many" servers available he has each day. By available, we learned/discovered that it only shows blue dates. That system then included recommendations if he should hire more staff. It shows no more than 22 servers on any day and we run with 19 each night. If you factored in green, you would probably have 35+ most days.

    That's one issue. Another is myself and others have hit the weekly hour average for 6 month where if we demand it, the company has to offer us benefits thanks to obamacare. I could, but my hours will drop and I would lose those benefits in 6 months or 12.

    Lastly, they opened some recs or spots. We don't know the exact number. Anyway, one girl got a full time spot, and before she started to train, called and said she wanted to pass on it. That's fine. We has already hired 2 others, and 2 part timers. That last full time rec was suppose to be closed, but the person who opens/closes them has quit/is quitting and a temp person is doing their job and supposedly didn't close the rec in time, so it went to someone else.

    At that big meeting, we asked the AM to send her back. He said he can't, and the union and others quickly told him he was wrong. He countered with "Well I've never heard of that, and that doesn't seem right." After more and more nicely worded complaints, he resorted to "Guys, let's just see if she actually comes, and if she passes her assessment." By assessment, it's basically a serving test. She trains one day in seating/bartending, one in culinary, 3 in servings. Then she comes in for her assessment. She's there at open, and 2 managers and the AM are sat at a table. She then has to wait on them for 30-45 minutes while they actually do eat, and throw a lot of questions her way. This tests her serving skills, people skills, knowledge of her new location, etc. This is my hope. If the AM doesn't want to send her home for no reason, but he realizes how financially unfair this is to myself and a lot of others, he can be a dick, ask oddball questions, and fail her for that. Plus all 4 of our managers easily know how much we don't want her, so if any of the 4 take our side, they too can input their opinion if they are part of her assessment. If they fail her, she can try once more the next day, before officially being sent back.

    ....or there's always the hope she's just notice things about this location that she doesn't like vs her old one. Rumor has it she wants weekend off. She doesn't have the seniority over other full timers to get it, so she will want to trade shifts. Us part timers will not do that, because we're all want her to just call in on weekends, so we can get called in. If she realizes that, maybe she'll just go back for that alone.
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    Instead of fighting to hold on to your share, why not make an upward jump?

    From a managerial standpoint, her introduction gives them more staffing options. Don't count on them failing her. And don't count on them supporting you. When they go home at the end of the day, the last thing they think about are staff complaints.

    Find a way around the problem. Why not go full time yourself? I know the upward climb at Disney can be challenging but life is all about who you know and what opportunities you create for yourself.
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